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Mar 20, 2016

Hi! Today I’m talking to Ray Rocket (Teenage Bottlerocket) about his new album “Do You Wanna Go to Tijuana?” out on Rise Records April 1st! I ask him about the album, going to down to Mexico and his band Teenage Bottlerocket playing shows again. Also, I recap my Top 3 Bands I saw during SXSW 2016! Thanks to Ray Rocket for hanging out with me this week! On Twitter/Instagram @mikedeestro

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Aired: March 21, 2016

Mar 15, 2016

Hey hey! Today I’m talking about being devastated after being tricked into thinking that Blink 182 was going to play a show here in Austin, TX during SXSW. I talk about the 3 bands I’ve always wanted to see live but haven…also I receive the Myspace days with some of my favorite EMO bands from the early 00’s! Also a study about tattoos boosting your immune system, binge watching linked to depression, self-driving cars, and my SXSW plans!

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Aired: March 16, 2016

Mar 8, 2016

Hi! Today I’m doing something totally different today (again!). I’m sitting down with my acoustic guitar and talking about songs I’ve written about my life over the years and the stories behind them. Stories I’ve never told to anyone before…for real, not anyone! Take a stroll through my life in song! Stories about ex-girlfriends, failed romance, the Walking Dead, pain medication, ditching class and more! Check it out and let me know you think!

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Aired: March 9, 2016

Mar 1, 2016

Hi! So much going on this week, it’s time to get caught up. I’ve noticed so many less people at my gym and realized this is the time people start giving up on their new year resolutions!! Also, my thoughts on the new episodes of Fuller House, emotional songs that get me every time and a quick recap of the Oscars! Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts about last week’s new format…I’ll continue to switch things up!! Thanks for listening this week.

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Aired: March 2, 2016

Feb 23, 2016

Hello! So I was feeling a bit “off” this week…the beauty of that is it gave me a chance to switch things up! I’m flipping the script this week and letting the show flow! I’m talking about having adult braces, seeing my friend do comedy, and realizing how lame I’ve become. Also looking forward to SXSW in Austin, started a new TV show and how hoover boards have been ruled unsafe! Thanks for checking out this week’s episode!

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Feb 16, 2016

Description: Hey everyone! Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day/President’s Day Weekend! Today, I’m recapping my V-day and talking about the most romantic thing I’ve EVER done for a girl! Plus I’m talking about getting to do a show on the radio now. Also, my thoughts on Monday night’s Grammys’, new Kanye/SNL performance, and Dead Pool review! Thanks for checking out the show and for all the nice words last week!!

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Aired: February 17, 2016

Feb 9, 2016

I’m back! Well, I never left! But I’m feeling much better (mouth-wise) this week. The only thing is…I ALMOST HAD AN ACCIDENT. And not a fender bender but the kind you had in elementary school! I share that story plus talk about what’s going on this week/weekend. I’m also sharing a new band I’m starting to get into and somethings I have coming up next week. Maybe a big announcement coming soon…maybe more like a minor mention. We will see! Thanks of listening this week!

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Aired: February 10, 2016

Feb 2, 2016

Hey guys! A bit of a shorter episode this week because I’m just getting over some major dental surgery! I’m OK...but my mouth is still a bit sore (pain medication works wonders though!). I’ll explain everything that went down…well at least what I can remember. The GOOD news is my initial reaction was to record/Periscope everything on my phone! Haha, be sure to check out the post surgery videos on my website! I’ll be back to 100 percent next week. Thanks for bearing with me!

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Aired: February 3, 2016

Jan 26, 2016

Hey guys…are you nervous like me? I’m going in to have some teeth taken out next week and just started to worry. Hopefully it will be OK! I’m also digging through a box of random things I found in my apartment, telling you some things I did to my bad neighbors and how I got in trouble… Also Hashtags and Headlines, Update on my 2016 and more!

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Aired: January 27, 2016

Jan 19, 2016

I started to think about the things in my apartment and realized how most of the things in it have very little sentimental value to me. Except for a few things which are actually really cool. I’ll talk about the 3 things I would save in a fire along with my friend living arrangement history and how I’ve never really had a bedroom…or how I can’t not eat a meal in front of the TV. Plus I’ll share the Top 3 things I’m looking forward to dropping in 2016, my new favorite “no brainer” show and more! Thanks for checking the show out this week!

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Aired: January 20, 2016

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